Driving in a roundabout in Michigan can be intimidating for some people and may even cause some frustration. Especially when there's more than one lane involved. And while there are benefits to roundabouts vs. traffic light intersection, there seem to be more crashes in roundabouts compared to traditional intersections.

Michigan Continues To Add Roundabouts

There are 180 roundabouts in Michigan with more planned each year, according to Michigan Auto Law. And while there may be more crashes in a roundabout, studies show that there are fewer injuries and fatalities than signal-light intersections. Some of the pros that are linked to roundabouts include less traffic-backups and less pollution since cars aren't idling at a stoplight.

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The Cons to Roundabouts in Michigan

When approaching a roundabout, drivers are to yield to traffic already in them. However, some drivers believe you have to stop completely at roundabouts while others may not know who has to yield the right of away, dangerously entering the intersection into oncoming traffic. While roundabouts require drivers to slow down, many drivers still enter and proceed through them at high speeds which can put others at risk. Any of those actions can cause a collision, and statistics show they frequently do.

Cities With the Most Roundabouts in Michigan

According to MLive, Lansing has the most with 10 roundabouts, while Ann Arbor has nine, Marquette and Rochester have seven, and Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo have six. Of Michigan’s 180 roundabouts, only eight have three lanes.

10 Most Dangerous Roundabouts in Michigan

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These Are Michigan's Most Dangerous Intersections

If you're driving in Michigan you might want to avoid these intersections. Michigan Auto Law a Michigan-based law firm created the list of Michigan's most dangerous intersections using Police information from 2021 to determine which intersections saw the most crashes.

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