A crazy explosion rocked Clinton Township overnight and the videos will melt your brain.

Monday at 9:13 PM the Clinton Township Police Department took to social media to ask the public to stay away from the site of a developing tragedy as an industrial fire near 15 Mile Road and Groesbeck Highway was intense.  The police wanted to make sure the public stayed out of harm's way and stayed out of the way of first responders.  Local law enforcement reported on their Facebook page that Select Distributors was on fire and explained that the explosion sent lots of debris flying through the air.  By the looks and sounds of the video below it wasn't just one explosion.  It sounded like rapid-fire explosions one after the other.

In the video below is a closer shot of the fireball, which really shows its massive size.  We don't recommend driving while filming or driving close to the seen of an explosion.

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The video below is an even closer view and shows how incredibly dangerous this fire and series of explosions were last night in Clinton Township, Michigan.


Fire crews battled the intense blaze all night into the early morning hours.  The fire seemed to be under control before 5 am Tuesday.  The Clinton Township Fire Chief Tim Duncan said this about what caused the severity of the fire according to CBS News,

the vacant building had large butane and nitrous oxide tanks stored inside that might have been the source of the blaze. Duncan said one firefighter was hurt and the building was a "total loss."

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