It's no surprise that many cities in the Great Lakes State are considered some of the best places to live in the U.S. Whether you're looking for a lively college town, a cultural hub, or a peaceful lakeside retreat, Michigan is an amazing place to call home. And  6 cities were recently named as the best cities to live in the state.

What Makes These Cities The Best in Michigan

U.S. News and World Report ranked Michigan cities by the Quality of Life, Desirability, Value, and Job Market. Some of the factors considered in those categories include crime rates, education and housing affordability. After collecting all of their data, these are the Top 6 cities ranked the Best Places to Live in Michigan:

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#6- Flint, MI

The cost of living in Flint as well as cheaper home prices than most cities helped put this city in one of the top spots. Which means you'll have more money to do fun things in the city like visit museums, festivals, and parks.

#5- Detroit, MI

Daily expenses, like groceries and utilities, are less than the national average in Detroit. Millenials are moving to the city for lower housing costs, small business and restaurants are opening up shop in the area, making Detroit a city with a lot to offer.

#4- Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo scored well for Quality of Life and affordability. Its theaters, museums and live music venues, and its craft brewery scene set it apart from other cities.

#3- Lansing, MI

Lansing has a lot to offer such as the music and art scene, sporting events, festivals and more. but, the one category it scored well in is affordability.

#2- Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids also came in as the No. 20 place to live in the U.S. Education, Quality of Life and value are what put the city in the #2 best city to live in Michigan list.

#1- Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor comes in at #1 thanks to the diverse offerings in the city and the availability of jobs offered in the city. It also ranked #14 as best places to live in the U.S.


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