A bizarre trend occurred over the weekend. While I was engulfed in the NFL Draft, apparently most of the world was preparing for world domination from Michigan.

Now, to be fair, Michigan won the weekend. Detroit shattered the NFL's three-day draft attendance record, putting Green Bay on serious notice next year.

Of course, with so much attention being given to the state, the meme pages and the /r/Michigan subreddit took full advantage.

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Now, if I understand correctly, the trend started with a map that theorized what Michigan looked like if it bordered all of the Great Lakes. After all, this is the Great Lakes State.

Unfortunately, that post was removed in the Michigan subreddit, but you should still be able to see the map here.

Then the snowball got rolling. Fast.

the next post wondered what would Michigan look like if the state didn't take from Minnesota and New York, but instead took from Canada.

What if Michigan was bigger ( OC )
byu/HighOnGrandCocaine inMichigan

As one Redditor jokingly pointed out, Michigan would get "40%" of Canada's population in such an event. The next gave Canada its population back and decided to take the whole Northwest Territory, including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and a chunk of Minnesota's most populated areas.

Never suspected this sub would be all for Michigan Irredentism but I’m all for it let’s just take all of the Northwest Territory byu/Flammenwerfer-Gas inMichigan

Another aimed to take some of the Dakotas and all of Iowa too by reclaiming the original Michigan Territory.

Not sure what all these "What if Michigan was bigger" posts are all about but since we're on the topic, why not just go with the michigan territory of 1833-1836?
byu/MittenMan68 inMichigan

This got Wisconsin and Minnesota's subreddits a bit worried.

Comment byu/Brain_in_human_vat from discussion inwisconsin

byu/Brain_in_human_vat from discussion

Comment byu/DannyJoy2018 from discussion inminnesota

byu/DannyJoy2018 from discussion

Despite Wisconsin and Minnesota's concerns, Michigan scaled its invasion even further, claiming the entirety of North and Central America. https://www.reddit.com/r/Michigan/comments/1cfxskz/the_new_republic_of_michigan_takeover_plan/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web3x&utm_name=web3xcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

The new republic of Michigan takeover plan byu/BrockenRecords inMichigan

Of course, this is all in good internet fun, and this article is just to catch up anyone who is out of the loop on the joke.

That said, there is a serious conversation to be had about Michigan not bordering all of the Great Lakes or having Toledo. Just remember, the chances of Michigan getting bigger are small, but not zero.

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