It's one thing to be a mythical creature hiding somewhere in the Missouri forest. It's yet another to be a mythical creature getting caught peeking in a bedroom window which is exactly what happened according to a story shared by a guy in Missouri recently.

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I somehow missed this share by one of my favorite Missouri Bigfoot YouTube channels Sasquatch Theory when it first appeared a few months ago. Here's the fast backstory about what a man named Jerry shared with them:

A caller reports seeing a sasquatch looking through his window 10 miles north of Willow Springs, Missouri! The caller was very thrilled and relieved to finally get this off of his chest as it has haunted his memory for many years!

Jerry is an Air Force veteran who lives approximately here in the Missouri Ozarks just north of Willow Springs.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

As Jerry tells it, this encounter happened in 1974 or 1975 when he was around 11 or 12 years old. The whole encounter took place in just 30 seconds. He was laying in bed and looked over at a window which was open. He was alarmed to see a silhouette standing there...a large silhouette. Considering how high his window was up from the ground, the creature had to be almost 10 feet tall. He was frozen with fear. 

Jerry finally yelled for his father who ran for his shotgun to go check outside the home. Whatever had been standing outside of his window was now gone, but this sighting has remained in Jerry's memory all of these decades later.

Jerry still believes that the creature did not intend harm, but was just curious. The light in one of the rooms may have gotten its attention. He said there have been many strange reports of creatures like the one he encountered in his part of Missouri over the years.

Did Jerry encounter a real Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Mo-Mo? He and his family remain convinced that something paranormal happened that night and he at least is relieved now that there is a way for him to share his story with others.

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