When you think about Michigan highways your mind likely first goes to the long criss-crossing roadway ribbons that allow for long distance travel. Say Interstate 75 or US 31. Or maybe a state highway like M-28 that crosses nearly the entire Upper Peninsula.

Regional state highways come in many varied lengths. Some stretch for 100 or more miles across Michigan while other just a few miles between cities or other highways.

There is a unique class of Michigan highways - ones that don't necessarily facilitate travel within Michigan but rather connect our state's road network with highways in another state.

Below are these special highways. Many of them may be entirely new to you if you don't live in the region they're from. Because they connect a nearby highway with the state line, few run longer than just a few miles. The shortest, just a mile and change.

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There are examples of highways that connect to each state Michigan shares a land border with - Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin. Each of these highways - execpt for one - meet a highways from the bordering state. Only M-217 does not. It connects to an Elkhart County road rather than a state highways. Although the roadway is does meet, CR 17 could (and likely should) be upgraded to State Road 17 as it's important for regional travel, provides a connection to the Indiana Toll Road and fits perfectly within the state's roadway system.

Interestingly, while nearly all Michgian roadways that connect to another state do meet a state highway on the other side of the border, there are several instances from all three states where an Indiana State Road, Wisconsin Trunkline and Ohio State Route meet Michigan and do not connect with a state highway bur rather a local road.

Check out each of the "Border Special" Michigan highways below.

These Short, Overlooked MIchigan Highways Exist Only to Leave the State

These short, stubby Michigan highways don't go anywhere other than to the state line with either Indiana, Ohio or Wisconsin.

Gallery Credit: Google Maps Street View

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