There might be nothing that might make you more potentially apprehensive than a chance encounter deep in the woods. Would it be even more unnerving if that person you encountered was not in hiking, hunting or outdoorsy gear but rather in a business suit.

No one is making deals deep in a forest.

However these kind of encounters have happened and are documented. A reddit user recently posted one such happening 

My brother owns some property and has been seeing guys walking around in his woods in black suits, unmarked black suburbans without plates are parked on the road that connects to his property. He has called this into the DNR and police who said they would look into it but no response from them.

Black suits, unmarked cars without license plates. That goes from curious to unnerving.

While the OP does not indicate a location for this sighting, a commenter got a feeling, "I get Michigan vibes. Is this in Michigan?" A reply, "Up state Michigan or Wisconsin is my guess."

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The Men in Black is not just a Will Smith/Tommie Lee Jones movie but a well documented phenomenon. They are closely associated with UFO sightings. But also other paranormal activity like the West Virginia Mothman encounters and cattle mutilation.

As for more mundane explanations, could it be police detectives looking for evidence in the woods? Perhaps real estate developers?

Without a doubt, finding out of place people in the woods is certainly frightening.

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