I may not have gone to college for a degree, but I did attend a lot of college parties at Central, Western, and Michigan State. I also spent many Friday and Saturday nights during the summer at my friend's playing beer pong in his pole barn.

Ball going into a solo cup playing beer pong

At those parties and get-togethers, there was always a red solo cup to hold my beer or mixed drink in.

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I just recently learned that the red solo cups are made right here in Michigan.

Who Created The Solo Cup

The red Solo Cup was invented by Robert H. Goldemberg, who was a lawyer and entrepreneur from Chicago. In the early 1970s, Goldemberg was working for a company that produced plastic cups. He was tasked with creating a new design for a cup that would be durable, affordable, and easy to stack.


Why Is The Solo Cup Red?

Goldemberg chose the color red because it's a color associated with energy and excitement. The rolled rim made the cup easier to drink from, and the tapered body made it easier to stack.

red solo cups stacked

The Solo Cup gained popularity in the 1970s when it was introduced as a convenient and affordable option for serving drinks at parties. Its distinctive red color and simple design made it easily recognizable and quickly became a staple at social events.

The Solo Cup has now become an iconic symbol of American pop culture.

It's been featured in movies, TV shows, and music videos

Toby Keith And The Red Solo Cup

Recently Country music star Toby Keith passed away from Stomach Cancer at the age of 62. He has countless hits over his career including a silly song called Red Solo Cup.

According to Fortune, Michigan-based Dart Container Corp. bought Illinois-based Solo Cup Co. in 2012. after news spread of Toby Keith's passing they released this statement.

“We were honored that Toby chose the iconic Solo cup as a sign of good times, and we extend our sympathies to all those who are mourning him today.”


Until I read that story I had no clue that the Red Solo Cup was made in Michigan.

Next time you have a family get-together or attend a party you can share the fun fact that solo cups are made right here in Michigan.

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