We all want to believe in the future and what it holds. We believe it so much that 1 in 5 Americans have been to a psychic in the past. But, can they really tell what is in the cards for us? According to a woman in Genesse County, her recent trip to get her Tarot cards read helped her land a $500,000 Michigan Lottery Jackpot.


According to the Michigan Lottery, the unnamed woman normally bought instant win tickets every week from the same place, but on the way to her Tarot Card reading, she stopped at the BP located at 3238 West Thompson Road in Fenton to grab her lucky lottery tickets.

The anonymous player said that she didn't think much of it, and went on to her appointment without touching the tickets beforehand.

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After she went to her reading, and that's when something crazy happened. She said,

During my Tarot reading, I was told money would be coming into my life very soon. I tried to think of ways this might happen, but I didn’t even think about the Lottery tickets in my purse.

After she left her reading she scratched those tickets in her purse, only to find that she was now $500,000 richer. She played Michigan Lottery’s 50X Wild Time instant game, saying she saw the first symbol and thought she'd only won $10. Turns out, that jackpot was enough to make a big difference in her life.

What is she doing with the money? She said she plans to pay off her car, take a cruise with a friend, and then invest the remainder. I wonder if a tip for that Tarot Card reader who gave her heads up is in the mix...

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