I finally came on board and got an iPhone last year. But with the new ones coming out, I was a little worried that my old one will "mysteriously" slow down to the point where I'll have to run screaming to the phone store to get a new one. (I won't actually ever do that, but that's what the phone companies want you to think, I'm sure)

I'm not the only one having these thoughts of phone inadequacy.

According to bgr.com, a company named Futuremark, who has the brains and equipment to measure these things, has figured out that iPhones, at least the iPhone 5, 6 and 7, are NOT running any slower than they did a year and a half ago.

Looks like the panic to have the latest phone is what we all thought. Americans love to have the latest gadget, so they can shame their friends just by waving their new iPhones around. (To certain friends of mine - yes, I'm talking about you)


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