Good Lord, what are we going to do about all the fake news?

You may have heard (or seen, on Facebook) about the Walt Disney Company building a new theme park in the Upper Peninsula, specifically in the Escanaba area.

Guess what? It's not true. Sad, because I was looking forward the "out-of-control, copper-mine train" ride

According to the Uncle Walt's Insider website, a Disney spokesperson said they came up with the idea after somebody in Escanaba found a Mickey Mouse shaped Corn Flake in their cereal bowl (?) The spokesperson said, "We went up there, and we were blown away. The warm waters of Lake Michigan, the delicious pasties, and the friendliness of the Yuppers, it all makes sense.” Then whoever wrote the article corrected the term "Yuppers" to be "Yoopers". They know their Michigan pop culture, down to referencing the movie, "Escanaba in 'da Moonlight" and Tim Allen's "Pure Michigan" TV spots.

Anyway, don't believe it. According to, Uncle Walt's Insider website is all about the satire. Plus, small towns have heard rumors of Disney coming in and buying up farmland for big money forever. When I was a kid, living on our farm in Missouri, there was a strong rumor Disney would come in and buy up all the land for a park near us, in the Ozarks.

And you don't see any Hillbilly Disney World now, do you?


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