Lake Michigan keeps giving up its shipwrecks - one at a time. According to Fox News, shipwreck hunter Ross Richardson was near South Manitou Island in northern Lake Michigan when his sonar picked up "something Interesting" on the lakebed. In 300 feet of water, something was sticking up 90 feet off the bottom. At the end of September Ross and two of his friends dove on the site and found what they called a "mysterious ghost ship," a 60-70 foot schooner that he says is, "the most intact shipwreck I have ever encountered."

After doing some research (they had to through records of 6,000 of just the Great Lakes' schooners), they've determined that it's most likely the "W.C. Kimball," which was carrying a cargo of salt and wood shingles when she disappeared in May 1891. The schooner had been lost in a gale right around the Leelanau Peninsula.

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