There's a lot going on right now on Planet Earth. They're wearing flip-flops in Antarctica, grown adults are having to be reminded to wash their hands before they leave a bathroom and Justin Bieber is singing hit country songs. But this is nothing compared to what MAY happen, 860 years from today - March 16, 2880.

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According to, on March 16, 2880, an asteroid named 29075 (1950 DA), with an estimated diameter of about 1.3 kilometers, may hit Earth. I say "may", because scientists at this time say it has only a 1 in 8300 chance of hitting Earth. But, they aren't sure how much its orbit will change in the next several hundred years, so....

If it does hit Earth, professors Steven Ward and Erik Asphaug say it may hit the Atlantic Ocean - and in that event, "within two hours of the scenario impact, 100m waves make landfall from Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras”.

Good luck to our descendants. That is NOT going to be a good St. Patrick's Day.

By the way, if you're bored and sitting at home with nowhere to go and nothing to do (timely, huh?) - check out Professor Asphaug's book, "When The Earth Had Two Moons".  That's what I'm reading these days. And wishing I'd paid more attention in physics class. Spoiler alert: we're lucky this planet ran into so much stuff as a youngster.

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