I gotta hand it to Nguyen Dang. Dang is a foreign exchange student at DeWitt High School. He wanted to come to school in Michigan this year so he could "experience cold weather". Hope that worked out for you, Dang, 'cause it looks like you got the added "Michigan Pandemic Experience" for no extra charge.

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(First off. I apologize to Dang. I live in DeWitt and I usually have my snowblower out a lot more than TWICE in a winter. You CLEARLY did not get to see a really good, cold Michigan winter. I hope this doesn't affect your Yelp rating of your Michigan experience)

According to WILX-TV, when the pandemic hit and things got bad worldwide, a lot of students went home. Not Dang:

So the exchange program actually they ordered all the exchange students to go home, but since I feel like there (is) like a lot of risk flying back home. So that (is) why I asked the program to have a waiver to stay and I stayed.

So, Dang's going to graduate with the seniors at DeWitt (whatever THAT will look like this year) and eventually, go home to Vietnam to be with his family.

(Dang - you COULD just stay and go to MSU - and give us one more winter to make it right. With the way things are going this year, I'm SURE this next winter will be extra brutal. Just think about it)

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