The Lansing School District announced on Thursday evening that they have canceled fall sports for the 2020-21 school year.

The cancellations also included band and cheerleading.  The schools most affected are Eastern, Everett, and Sexton High Schools.

LSD Superintendent Sam Sinicropi said in the release:

Along with formally submitting our plan for Lansing, we are also announcing the cancellation of all fall extra-curricular school activities until further notice, and that includes all sports, band, and cheerleading, I know how disappointing the cancellation of sports and extra-curricular activities may be for students, coaches and parents, but the school district must make decisions moving forward that makes safety our top priority. Unlike college and professional sports where decisions are driven by money, our decisions about sports and extracurricular activities must be made with safety as our defining factor. We initially were optimistic and had a timetable and protocols ready for the safe return to school including sports and extra-curricular activities, but at this moment we made the tough decision to cancel until further notice to be safe.

The school district said that they would reconsider sports if and when students would return to the classroom for in-person instruction.  All Lansing schools will have online instruction for the first quarter of the upcoming school year.

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