If you listen to the WITL Morning Show, you know my opinion of the internet. It's great for sharing information and it's a part of all of our lives now, but it's gotten way out of hand - and (for the most part) it's a wasteland.

However, sometimes I'm surprised and find something I love on the internet. And today, that's exactly what happened.

According to BoredPanda.com, "Kirby Jenner", professes (at least online) to be the twin brother of Kendall Jenner (yes, she's one of the Kardashians. I believe she's 5th in line to the throne). "Kirby" is a master of photoshop. (Even better than the Iranian or North Korean government. In fact, I think the North Koreans quit photoshopping rocket launches and Kim Jong-un's modeling shots after seeing what "Kirby" can do.) Anyway, "Kirby" has photoshopped himself into some of the 92 billion Instagram photos put out by Kendall and her family.

And it's hilarious. Kendall and her adoring brother have quite the life.

Listen - you may have already seen some of these, but I hadn't until today. And the best part of the internet is sharing funny stuff with your friends, so...

Maybe the internet isn't so bad.

Here's the story. Be sure to read the captions.

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