Is there anyone who isn't a fan of "The Office"?

I'll wait. Take your time. Ask around. (Stay six feet away while you ask)

OK, no? (Yeah, there's always one or two who say they don't like it. We get it - it's not "The Geology of Finland" on PBS)

Let's continue. People love "The Office", so it makes sense that there would be questions about what went on behind the scenes of the show. Good news for "super fans" -  a book all about the show came out this week. And if you get some extra time (hmm) you might want to check it out.

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“The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s” by Andy Greene came out on Tuesday. Greene did 90 interviews to get behind the scene stories about specific episodes and the show itself. One of the stories making news is about why Steve Carell left the show. I think everybody just figured Steve wanted to move on to movies or another project when he left. According to, the book says Carell left because he mentioned possibly leaving the show in an interview - and NBC never said, "Please, don't". Seriously, that's what happened. He would've stayed if they had just pursued him a little more.

And because of that, some people (definitely myself) bailed on the last two seasons of that show.

Here's the story. And if you have never watched "The Office", it's still on Netflix.

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