Have you ever watched The Office?

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I know, I know. The Office has a hold over me even to this day. But the reason why I bring it up is very important, and knowing the scene I'm talking about it required to understand how cool the rest of the story is.

In the opening scene of Season 5, Episode 26, Kevin (loveable office idiot) can be seen trying to haul a big pot of chili up to the office, and it's kind of a big deal.

Kevin's Famous Chili From The Office

He calls it "Kevin's Famous Chili" and he brings it into the office at least once a year.

This time when he takes it into the office, he tries to get in the elevator, and sadly has to take the stairs. By the time he walks into the office, he's really struggling to carry this pot, and, well... See the hilariousness of this scene for yourself below.

It is because of this scene that Brian Baumgartner, the actor who plays Kevin, will always and forever more be associated with chili.

And now that you have this background knowledge well in hand, allow me to introduce you to Brian Baumgartner's chili cookbook. (which actually includes Kevin's Famous Chili recipe).

Michigan Men Have Excellent Chili Recipes

The cookbook is called "Seriously Good Chili Cookbook" and it has over 170 recipes collected from all over the world, including some award winning chili. And of all those recipes, one Mid Michigan's recipe made the list!

Katie Timer of Fowlerville, Michigan is featured for her award winning Timer Farms Chili. To me, what makes this recipe so interesting is the bacon and (surprising ingredient) maple syrup. Perhaps, a little bit less surprising when you learn that Timer Farms produces maple syrup.

I love that Michigan has some representation in the cookbook, especially with so many recipes coming from other states, particularly California, Texas, and Ohio.


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