How's your bracket in the WITL bracket challenge doing?

Hopefully you filled out a bracket for our Bracket Challenge on the WITL website. It's sponsored by Leo's Lodge & Leo's Outpost in Lansing, and the prize...

One. Million. Dollars!

In order to get the million, you must correctly predict every game in the bracket. Which brings me back to my question: How's your bracket in the WITL bracket challenge doing? I don't know about you, but I had Virginia going to the final game. However, I did have them losing to Villanova. So, my bracket's not totally busted.

If you want, you can follow along with all of us here at WITL! We can't win any money, but  Banana DonStephanie McCoy, Chris Tyler and myself all submitted our brackets there, too. So you can see how good or bad we're doing as the madness continues!

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