It won't feel quite like Christmas this year without the Holly Hotel. The historic hotel will stay closed this season after the tragic fire that ripped through downtown Holly on June 21 of this year, but that doesn't mean you still can't feel the holiday magic.

Before the fire, the legendary hotel was the site for a new Christmas movie, Christmas at The Holly Hotel, which was filmed on location this past winter at the iconic inn built in 1891. The whimsical holiday movie centers around New York City food critic Kathy.  Her parents, who are the owners of the Holly Hotel, ask her to make her way home for Christmas. In true Christmas movie fashion, that’s when she meets a handsome police officer and, well, you know the rest.

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The movie is set to make its world premiere here in Michigan just before Christmas. The film will be shown on Sunday, December 4 at the Redford Theater in Detroit. If you want to attend you can click here, but if you can't make the big premiere there's another way to check out the "home filmed" flick and help those closest to the hotel... its staff.

As the hotel stays closed, with a proposed reopening date of June 2023, the loyal staff has felt the impact of losing jobs they loved. The Holly Hotel announced on its Facebook page that this Christmas they want you to  "share the magic, warmth, and nostalgia of the Holly Hotel from your own living room".

The hotel is offering a limited-production commemorative DVD available to Holly Hotel guests, friends, and subscribers. Orders will be shipped following the world premiere at the Redford Theater. A portion of the $12 sale price will be directed to the Holly Hotel staff retention fund. You can order your copy by clicking here.
Yes, it won't quite feel like Christmas this year in Holly, but next year the magic will be back, and we can't wait.

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