Are you ready for 2021? I know I am and I am so optimistic that it is going to be a great year for us. Of course, going to New York and watching the ball drop is out of the question this year. But you will be able to watch it on TV.  So we all have to look for different ways to celebrate this year. It is so important for us to celebrate putting 2020 behind us and look forward to 2021 being a year of growth, peace and good will.

Let's also keep in mind it's likely we will be back to normal next year over the holidays. Lets think of this as healthy downtime. We should also take time to count our blessings and hope this vaccine is going to do its job and return normalcy to our lives.

According to here some things to do this year:

  1. Host a Virtual Celebration
  2. Have A Dance Party
  3. Play A Game
  4. Make Predictions For 2021
  5. Watch Movies All Night Long
  6. Make A Festive Dinner

I am planning on having some fun with my daughters on New Years Eve. We are gonna do it virtually while we watch the ball drop on in New York. The fun part is we are in 3 different time zones. Presley is in Las Vegas where it's 3 hours earlier, and my other daughter Holly is in Chicago where it is an hour earlier. So I will hit 2021 first here in Lansing.

How are your spending New Years eve?

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