If you're going to be in the Cadillac area next week, you may want to drop into the Cadillac Library. On Tuesday night next week, they'll host Dianna Stampfler, who wrote “Michigan’s Haunted Lighthouses". According to the Cadillac News, the book was published in March and is already in its fourth printing. Wow, good for Dianna - that's doing something.

Dianna says of the 120 or so lighthouses in Michigan, she's visited 90% of them. Dianna says 40% of them are haunted. So, what's that? About 50 haunted lighthouses here in Michigan? You would think after spending all that time in lighthouses, they'd want to get out and haunt something more fun, like - I don't know - a KOA Campground or one of the casinos or something.

I was a big fan of (the original movie) "The Fog", with Adrienne Barbeau as radio DJ Stevie Wayne, who works at a radio station in a lighthouse that gets attacked by ghost pirates. (BTW - coolest fake radio station in the movies - ever) Great movie, but Dianna says the lighthouse ghosts in Michigan are friendly.

Bummer. That makes for a boring movie, but at least you won't be beheaded by a ghost on Lake Michigan anytime soon.. Here's the story.

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