We've all got one; that list of amazing things to do and places to go and people to see before we "kick the bucket". Visiting Venice before it completely sinks is definitely on my list. But I guess I never thought to make a Michigan specific bucket list. Thankfully, my fellow Michiganders have me covered!

MLive reached out and asked Michiganders to vote in their "Michigan bucket list poll" to see what we thought were some of Michigan's "Must-do experiences" are. Over 8,000 votes were tallied up, and MLive came up with a list of the top 25 "Michigan Bucket List" activities.

To see how I stacked up, I went through the list to see what items I could mark off... Wander through the Detroit Institute of Art, check! Go to a Thanksgiving Day Lions game, check! Enjoy a sunset off Lake Michigan, check! But sadly, I was only able to check off 8 things from the 25 item list. But that just means I have lots of fun Michigan activities that I can plan for my future!

How do you stack up on "The Michigan Bucket List"? Click here to see the full list, and comment below how many items you were able to check off! Plus, let me know if there's anything that you think should have made the list!

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