Wednesday night on the reality TV show, "MasterChef", two Michiganders, one from Durand and one from Grand Rapids, competed to see who would move from the initial 36 contestants to the next step - the top 20.

If you didn't watch Wednesday - the show will be re-broadcast tonight, at 9PM, on Fox 47.

Spoiler alert - if you just want to know right now, there's good news and potentially good news. According to, Liz Linn, from Durand, is on to the top 20 next week. She cooked Mediterranean Red Snapper and impressed all three judges, so she got a "White Apron" and will compete in the top 20.  Micah Yaroch, the 19-year old from Grand Rapids, made churros. The judges weren't impressed, but Gordon Ramsey saved him with something called a "Battle Pass". Ramsey told the other judges, "there is something in him that resonates with me at 19.”

So, really, 19-year old Gordon Ramsey actually was the one who saved Micah.

Micah will take on the other contestants who earned a Battle Pass, next week, for the chance to slide into the top 20.

Bottom line - rest easy - we're still in the fight, Michigan.



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