Ann Arbor has a deer problem. They've got too many of them. Especially on the north and east side of the city. According to, Monday night, after a year of discussions and an emotional public hearing, the Ann Arbor city council voted 8-1 to hire sharpshooters to cull the herd.

And though it's not final, they also voted 9-0 to ban feeding deer in the city. Once the law is final, it might mean a fine of a $100 a day, if you get caught feeding deer in Ann Arbor.

And it may not be over yet. Animal rights groups are getting ready to challenge the legality of culling the herd. They would prefer the contraception or sterilization approach. Why did Ann Arbor go with culling instead of contraception? The answer may be because of what the city of Bloomington, Indiana found out when they faced the same problem.



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