You'll have to travel pretty far up into the U.P. to find it, but if you are a true Michigander you know exactly where it is.

It is actually the largest city in Houghton County Michigan, with a population of just under 8,000 people, and now it's considered one of the most charming towns in the entire country.

Houghton made the list of "The 23 Most Charming Towns in America" recently. The list was compiled by Tempo 24/7, the lifestyle magazine branch of 24/7 Wall St.. Tempo 24/7 took a look a towns across the country, and then looked for those that had a little bit more uniqueness and charm to offer.

From slow pace ease, to history and architecture, the list noted those towns that just feel like home.

"They’re not crowded, life often moves at a slower pace, traffic is less of a problem, people are usually friendly, and there’s lots of civic pride." the article read. 

Houghton found itself not only making the list, but nestled right inside the top 10. Perched at the ninth spot the caption reads-

"Houghton is located in the Keweenaw Peninsula and is surrounded by water with numerous inland lakes and streams. It gets a lot of snow in winter and has lots of opportunities for recreation."

Yes....that is all true, but there is so much more. For instance, Houghton is home to Michigan Technological University. Houghton also hosts a festival known as "Bridgefest", to commemorate the building of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge each year. That festival is often held in conjunction with "Seafoodfest".  Every fall, you will find the Parade of Nations taking  place in downtown Houghton to commemorate the ethnic diversity of Michigan Technological University.  Just a few to add things to add to the bio. Congratulations Houghton!

You can view the complete list of the most charming towns here.


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