Well a a lot of business are hurting of course during the pandemic, especially restaurants and bars. Really hoping and praying after this 3 week order ends in Michigan we start to bounce back.  And it may with everyone talking about a new vaccine that is suppose to come out in late December.  It's suppose to be 95% at preventing COVID 19.

Well despite the pandemic people are still buying homes in Record number According to Cnn.com.

But a record low inventory of available homes and a greater number of luxury homes sold have pushed the median home price up to a record $313,000, almost 16% more than a year ago. Total housing inventory dropped 3% from September and is down nearly 20% from a year ago.
Homes sold at a swift pace in October, with more than 7 in 10 homes sold on the market for less than a month.
With everything going on these days selling or buying a home may be the last thing many folks are thinking about.   I do have friends whose incomes has been cut from the pandemic. They are using their equity to buy a smaller home to catch up on bills,  and even putting those funds in the bank for retirement.
I am personally thinking of buying a small house in the Lansing area in April.  Of course it depends on the economy and my financial situation then. Here is more info Me Cadillac and Erica Gray.
Have you bought or sold a house since the pandemic hit? What was your experience like?
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