Let me start by saying that I hope I'm wrong. I hope on September 8th, when school is back in session at Holt High School--and the North Campus--(or whatever we are calling it these days) and hundreds of students and parents are trying to navigate through the road and trail construction near the high school, that there aren't any accidents. That's my hope. However, after living near the high school for over a decade, I have my doubts.

If you aren't familiar with what is currently going on in this area of Holt, let me explain. There's a new construction project underway on Holt Road that stretches from the high school to Eifert Road. According to WILX, the new Ram Trail Project costs about $1.5 million dollars and when it's done it will feature an asphalt biking and walking trail that will be approximately 10 feet wide. The project is not expected to be done until mid-November. (So, with the snow and cold, most likely there won't be a lot of people using it until next Spring anyway.)

This project has me very concerned. First of all, I have a teenager with a relatively new driver's license that has to travel through this area on a daily basis. I've already heard about some very close calls with people being rear-ended in the construction area. Second, I have been to that high school twice now on the first day of school. It is absolutely crazy with normal driving conditions. I cringe just thinking about what it will be like this year on the first day of school with reduced lanes and work zones. Third, the traffic light at the Holt Road and Washington Road intersection has always been, in my opinion, very dangerous (as well as the light in front of the schools) and if you add orange barrels and construction workers into the mix, I can only imagine the frustration and danger for every one involved.

I know that there are many people that are excited about this project. Personally, I guess I'm glad that people will have a place to walk/ride on the new trail. I just think that someone could have picked a better time to start/end this project. So, I guess I'll just have to hold my breath on Tuesday, September 8th and hope for the best on the first day of school. (And probably every morning and every afternoon until the project is completed and hope that no one gets hurt.)


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