Giant skeletons have been a recent trend at Halloween time, but have you ever seen a snowman this big? No, it's not one of those inflatable yard decorations. This giant snowman is actually the real thing! Coming in at 13 feet tall, you can find the oversized snowman at 326 W 16th St. in Holland.

A creation of professional landscaper Jeffrey Schlaack, he tells the Holland Sentinel in total the project took him ten hours to complete using all the snow in his front yard. Not surprisingly, Schlaak says eventually he needed to use a ladder to continue building the enormous snowman.

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Why So Big?

You may be shocked to learn this is not the first time Jeffrey Schlaack has created a ginormous oversized snowman. Although he now owns a landscaping company, MI Landscapes, Schlaack previously operated his own gluten-free bakery and coffee shop in Traverse City, MI. With no budget for advertising, Schlaack resorted to building the giant snowman to drum up business and create buzz in the community-- and it worked! Not only was Jeffrey hoping to have the same luck in west Michigan, but the colossal snowman also has a deeper meaning.

Hope and Love

Schlaack says he has a daughter whom he has only met a handful of times. Hoping to rekindle their relationship, Schlaack hopes the snowman will symbolize the time, love, and energy he is ready to invest in her. Schlaack told the Sentinel, "My soul has been aching and I feel like this snowman just helped rejuvenate me. And not only that, but the people who saw him. I just want my daughter to know that her dad loves her."

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