Gas prices are on the rise, which I am sure we all have noticed at the pump.  I guess it is no surprise, because it seems fuel always goes up right before summer driving. I have really noticed that driving to work early in the morning, the prices are cheaper, and goes up in price later in the day.  So I try and fill up early.  I don't mind paying an extra dime a gallon, but when it goes up 30 to 50 cents, it adds up.

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Your not gonna care for this to much, but don’t expect it to be cheaper at the pump anytime soon,  according to and to the experts. Prices are gonna be going back and forth between the $2 and $3 a gallon the rest of the year.

I Guess it's not something we haven’t seen before. Prices should be about the same as during the summer months in the past five years, not counting 2020 of course.

Dr. Isely suspects prices will continue to slowly creep up as demand for gasoline increases substantially. The reason the price of oil--the reason the price of future prices of gasoline are going up is because there's a strong expectation of a really booming economy for the second half of this year,” he said Tuesday.

A lot of this is because of some refineries had gone offline, you may remember the dilemma in Texas a month ago. Now they are getting back online, so we're starting to see an increase in production which is a really good thing.

Drive safe, and lets have a great spring and summer.

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