Over the weekend I was discussing gas prices with my family because I noticed a bit of a difference in Lansing gas prices compared to Saint Clair Shores pricing.

Last week I paid around $2.90 a gallon near Williamston and $2.70 ish in SCS. I mean, I'm not shocked by the increase in gas pricing compared to last year because of the lack of travel. I was just surprised there was that big of a difference in pricing.

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According to Fox 47, gas prices in Michigan are the highest they've been since October 2018. They've gone up 16 cents this last week, averaging $2.96 per gallon of gas. Which is $1.14 more than last year.

Why have gas prices increased?

Adrienne Woodland, a spokesperson for AAA-The Auto Club Group, explained to Fox 47 why gas prices have increased.

According to the EIA’s weekly report, gas stocks in the Midwest decreased to the lowest levels since October of 2020. The tightening supply put pressure on pump prices, resulting in a double-digit spike in Michigan.

AAA Michigan says gas prices will continue to fluctuate for the next several weeks.

Shopping for the cheapest gas

If you're looking to shop around for gas prices, there's several apps you can download. I'd recommend using the app Gas Buddy. It searches for the lowest prices in your area and will occasionally offer deals. It will even allow you to enter your destination and finds the best deal for you on your route.

Do you remember how much gas cost the year you started driving? If you don't, that's alright, you can give your brain a refresher below!

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