It's baaaaaaack...

Yes, technically Spring began on March 20th. But, for Michiganders, I don't think it officially feels like Spring until Bell's Brewery release's Oberon for the year! Finally, Michiganders can enjoy the summery beer on draft and buy it in stores. Of course, one way would be to go to your nearest store and pick some up! But where's the fun in that? According to the Lansing State Journal, there are lots of places here in Lansing that are celebrating the big release!

Crunchy's is hosting their 11th annual Oberon Day event today. They celebrate the impending release by serving up other Bell's beers, including a whiskey barrel-aged Oberon and a mango habanero Oberon. The original Oberon will be released at midnight. Plus, Oberon's chief executive officer (and former MSU grad), Laura Bell, will be there to crown a King or Queen Oberon.

Other places in East Lansing are also celebrating. You can head to The Riv or Hopcat and join the fun. However, "The Riv will have $7 pitchers of Oberon." And that's a great deal! If you want to avoid the crowds, Spare Time Entertainment Center is hosting their release party on Tuesday at 6 pm, get the details hereAnd read more about Oberon here

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