I never know how to start these out when it comes to talking about cases of animal cruelty.

I am a friend to the Capital Area Humane Society. I am a dog and animal lover. I love talking about & helping these fur babies get adopted.

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What breaks my heart is when we get stories about folks who have abandoned or hurt an animal.

This is one of those cases and CAHS is asking for your help in finding out who did this.

Capital Area Humane Society

At 6 p.m. Tuesday, February 2, a dog arrived at the shelter in grave condition. He was covered in urine and feces, had several puncture wounds, and suffering from starvation. He was immediately taken to an emergency veterinary clinic, where he is receiving life-saving medical care. Once he is released, he will remain in the care of the CAHS team, where he will be treated and cared for, as the investigation continues. His prognosis is guarded, but CAHS is hopeful he will make a full recovery.

The abandoned dog was found, at Sharp Park, by some kind-hearted and concerned young men, who brought him to Capital Area Humane Society. A $1,000 reward is being offered to those with information leading to an arrest and conviction. Those with information are strongly encouraged to call Eaton County Animal Control at (517) 543-5755. If you would like to donate toward his medical care, please visit http://weblink.donorperfect.com/SpecialCareFund. (CAHS)

Capital Area Humane Society
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