So "Erica Gray" and I, "Cadillac Jack", from the "Caddy and Gray" Morning show on WITL are so happy to be here at our new home in Lansing.  We are out and about trying to get acclimated to our new surroundings.  I have been driving around a lot and checking out what the Mitten has to offer, and so far I love what I have been seeing and tasting!  I am living downtown and she lives in the Williamston area.

Erica's birthday is coming up, and I am looking to take her out for a birthday dinner. So the dilemma is where to go? I basically will eat anything. I love trying new restaurants, and having 8 brothers and sisters growing up, we ate what mom could afford to put on the table. Erica however is a Pescatarian. When she told me that, I said "I don't care what religion you are" haha.  So she does not eat meat or dairy.  WHAT? Really, I said.

A restaurant she does like is Tavern 109. So we need someplace we both have not been in the area and we are looking for suggestions. We both enjoy lobster, so maybe you can suggest a good lobster place for us?

We have been out to lunch a lot and have been to Leo's, Soup Spoon Café and Nola Bistro. They were all good.

So I'm looking for suggestions for a great restaurant where we can both enjoy all our favorite culinary delights and that has a bar with plenty of drink options lol.

So whatcha thinking kids? Where should we go?

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