Today is my birthday. And I have to be honest, I have never been a birthday guy. At least I don't feel that my birthday is a day unlike any other. I always go to work and do anything I would the other 364 days a year.

Even as a little kid, I was one of those guys who would hide their face when people sang "Happy Birthday" to them. When I got older, my friends knew I kept my birthday pretty low key, so they didn't really do much about it on the day of. But I'd pay for it later because I had those kind of friends that you'd go hang out with at a restaurant and they'd secretly tell the waitstaff that it was my birthday and you know what happens then. A hundred restaurant employees come bring you a cake and they're singing to you and your buddies are thinking it's the funniest joke they've ever seen and you have to sit there and act like it's your birthday and not let anyone know that you're not happy about them playing this joke on you (again...) because then it will never stop.

Now while I don't think my "special day" is all that special, I'm not that way with other people's birthdays, which I really like acknowledging and celebrating. And another point, none of this means that I'm not appreciative of my family and friends for taking time out of their day to send a birthday greeting on Facebook, text, email or however. I am always appreciate of people's kindness.

So after all of this you've got to be thinking, "If he is the type of guy who tries to keep his birthday low key, why is he writing an article about it?" Well because a colleague thought it would be a good idea today if I would tell you what a birthday in quarantine is like for me. So I thought "why not?" and here we are.

For me, a birthday in quarantine is not really that different. I mean in the past, we'd go out to dinner and then I'd open a couple gifts. This year we'll stay at home and have dinner, and I've already opened my gifts. What is different is that my son goes to school in another state so he couldn't be around this year due to responsibilities that he has there and more so the uncertainty of being able to travel because of the pandemic. It's been quite some time since we've seen him in person. So Mom did what she does every year and made the day special and this year planned a FaceTime call with my son. She bought a little cake, and while I blew out the candle, Mom and Son sang "Happy Birthday," which isn't so bad when they do it. We spent some time catching up and I opened my gifts during the FaceTime session. It was nice and I got to spend time with the two most important people in my life.

Later tonight, I will spend time with my wife, respond to all of the kind friends and family who took time out of their day to wish me a Happy Birthday and I'm pretty sure I'll probably text my son to thank him again for being a part of this whole thing from so many miles away today. And he won't know it, but I'm going to take a raincheck on a gift that will mean the most one of these days that will hopefully be soon. All of us hanging out together without a phone separating us.

I know I'll like that gift the best.

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