Be on the lookout for a Michigan man with a snake in his pants.

Well, it might not be there now, but last week in Rockwood, Michigan (south of the Detroit airport) the employees of the "I Love My Pets" store found that one of their ball pythons was missing. According to WXYZ-TV, when they played back video from their security cameras they saw a man taking the 4-foot snake and put it in his pants. And casually walk away. Store employee Callie McElroy. is quoted as saying, "We couldn't fathom the way someone could sneak a snake that big out of a store like that."

At this point the pet store and the Rockwood police are asking for help in identifying the man in the video. Contact the Rockwood Police Department if this is somebody you know. And if you do, you may want to also re-think who you've been hanging out with.

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