The weather in most of Michigan is almost perfect today. Sunny, not very humid, high temperatures in the low 80s. And yet - it's not the blue skies you would expect. What's with the hazy sky?

Two words: Canadian wildfires. (Which, BTW, will be the name of my first album)

Seems they've had about 700,000 acres burn after a string of wildfires in Alberta, Canada. According to ClickOnDetroit, they were at their worst in June, but at this time they're mostly under control. The only problem now, is all that smoke, which has blown right over Michigan. The smoke will be over Michigan all day today.

HOWEVER - you know what happens when you get sunny weather with a lot of smoke in the area? Cool sunsets. Seriously, if enough of that smoke is still around, I bet tonight's sunset will be good. I could be wrong, but it would be the first time.

It's not like this is the first time this has happened. We had Canadian smoke over Michigan last July.

Here's the story about this year's "Canadian smoke" (and there's a band name if I've ever heard one)

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