UPDATE: There's a VIDEO of a totally legit Paranormal Research group touring the home... and it is... just... *chef's kiss*. Follow the Forensic Unified Paranormal Association (F.U.P.A.) as they tour the home, all but confirming... that there MIGHT be ghosts in this home.

ORIGINAL STORY: The housing market is pretty rough right now. As a millennial still looking for a place to live, I've realized that affordable housing only comes up once in a blue moon. So I've learned to look on the bright side of any possibility of my next home. ESPECIALLY when something not only comes in AT budget, but well UNDER it.

Take this home in Pontiac, MI. At first glance, it seems like a fixer-upper. BUT, this one-bedroom, one bath with full basement, can be yours for just $40,000. It even comes with it's own Haunted amenities that no other home could hope to offer.

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Most scary stories begin in a place just like this and now that I’ve got your attention I’d like to fill you in on a bit of a back story. You see, just last week, my client reached out to me inquiring about selling one of her investment properties. The moment that I heard the address I knew that we were in for a real treat, this was going to be the listing that nightmares were made of, 6-6-6 Wesbrook.

Essentially, EXP Realty in Pontiac is offering up a unique opportunity to live like the Munsters, or Addams Family year-round, and WHO wouldn't want that?

Once you start flipping through the photos, you'd think there's a LOT of work to be done. But as-is, I think there's actually a lot of positives to this home.

This home's unique features, like a VooDoo security system, permanent residents, naturally spirit-generated atmospheric lighting, AND Central Heat and Air make it quite a diamond in the rough. Not to mention the all natural, original wood floors? HELL YES!

Yes, it might need a paint job, and a bit of sweeping and mopping before you move in. What house doesn't? This place is a bargain at just $40k if you ask me.

Flip through the gallery below and let us know, would YOU move into this  "haunted"  Pontiac home at 666 Wesbrook?

You Could Live In This Haunted Pontiac, MI House At 666 Wesbrook



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