We're no strangers to beer here in Michigan. According to the Pure Michigan website, "Michigan is fifth in the nation in the number of breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs." But, something that is new to Michigan is this cool new feature at Harper's Restaurant and Brewpub in East Lansing.

According to State News, Harper's now has automated draft tables. So now you can P.Y.O.D... Pour your own drink! Without even having to get up from the table! The way it works is that your server activates the computer controlled draft tower at your table, then you pour your drink, it's pretty simple. Plus Pat Riley, Harper's owner, says that "The beer costs that same as if you ordered a beer from a bartender or a server from another table. There is no increase in cost."

I love the fact that you don't have wait to get your beer. These cool taps basically cut beer-to-mouth time down from 5 minutes-ish to just the time it takes to fill you glass. Pretty awesome, I can't wait to give it a try! According to the article, Harper's completely redid the inside with new floors, furniture, and more. I'm excited to see the new look! Read more details about all the new stuff at Harper's HERE.

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