From the Ingham County Health Department Facebook page:

If you visited Harper's Restaurant and Brew Pub June 12-20, watch for symptoms of COVID-19. If you have symptoms, get tested. You can also get tested even if you have no symptoms. At least 22 people who recently visited Harper's Restaurant & Brew Pub between June 12th-20th have tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Click here to read more.

Just a few days after the Lansing Brewing Company announced that they would be closing temporarily because someone who entered their building tested positive for the coronavirus, Harper's Restaurant and Brew Pub in East Lansing has announced that they will be temporarily closing as well. In Harper's case, there are a couple of reasons why they have made the decision to close temporarily.

First, according to the East Lansing Info website, a person who was reportedly at Harper's on Sunday, June 14th has tested positive for COVID-19. Second, they've had some really long lines on the public sidewalk in front of their building and no one seems to want to wear a mask or social distance when they're in that line. (Even though Harper's had a banner that encouraged customers to wear a mask and there were markings on the sidewalk for social distancing.) Third, in a post on the Harper's Facebook page, they said that they are going to be working to modify their HVAC system to install some air purifying technology.

At this point, there's no set date on when Harper's plans to reopen. You can stay up to date with the latest Harper's news by clicking here.

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