So my wife and I decided after much deliberation (okay there wasn't that much deliberation, we wanted to get out of the house) to venture out and have a meal that my wife wasn't responsible for cooking after, what? Three months? That sounds about right.

If you've yet to get out it's interesting to see how restaurants have adapted to the COVID-19 threat. Placing "Reserved" signs on tables to guarantee social distancing between usable tables and the waitstaff wearing masks and gloves. You are usually limited to a ninety minute window for your visit. As a patron of the business you should bring a mask. You won't have to wear it at your table, but you are asked to wear it as you walk to your table and when you get up and walk through the restaurant. If you don't bring a mask, you will usually be provided one by the restaurant. We unfortunately had one dummy in our dinner party who forgot to bring his mask to the restaurant and then had to be given one.

That dummy was me. Go figure.

Everywhere we have been to so far and it's only been a couple of places, the restaurants are doing their best to make their's a safe environment where people can come and enjoy a meal.

But unfortunately there are no guarantees that someone won't walk in with the Coronavirus and that is what happened at The Lansing Brewing Company. According to their Facebook page today:

Lansing, our community & our family, we will be keeping our doors closed today. We were made aware that an individual who entered our building has tested positive for COVID-19. Out of an abundance of caution and for the wellbeing of you and our team, we immediately made the decision to close, and bring in an outside professional company to disinfect and sanitize the entire building from top to bottom today.

The Lansing Brewing Company plans on opening their doors again when they feel it is safe to do so.

Get more info here from the Lansing Brewing Company Facebook page.

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