Being a parent in Michigan comes with its own challenges, like buying four seasons worth of clothing for a child that will never be able to wear them beyond that season.

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Kids grow like weeds, which is why I've been so incredibly lucky to have had family members who've had little ones that are nice enough to pass on their clothes. I'm never one to look down upon a hand-me-down. Perhaps some of the clothes aren't the style I might have purchased for my little, but that's totally okay, because that's the beauty of paying it forward—I can pass those clothes on to the next person who might need them.

Something About Kids Clothes That No Parent Likes

There is, however, one piece of clothing that I absolutely dread coming upon when I am going through the clothes...

And that's something with glitter on it.

Kids Clothes With Glitter on Them are the Absolute Worst

Fellow parents of little girls will totally understand where I'm coming from. It seems that nearly one in four pieces of clothing comes COVERED in glitter. I don't know why these clothing manufacturers think that so much of little girls' clothes need to be covered in this disease of a craft supply, but please... this parent is begging you to stop.

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On top of covering so much of girls clothing in glitter, they can't even do us the favor of making sure it stays on there. I had to learn the hard way that some glitters come off in the wash. I was not happy when I had to rewash that load of laundry.

So, can we please all come to an agreement, and just do away with clothes that have glitter on it?

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