In case you haven't heard this story yet - let's get you caught up. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, on May 4th, fishing guide Capt. Jason Rose caught a steelhead trout north of Muskegon, Michigan. Justin had been married for almost ten years to a woman who hated that he was always out fishing. He got divorced four years ago but never got rid of the ring - until May 4th - when he ziptied his wedding ring around the tail of the steelhead he'd brought in - and released it. He figured that was a good way to get rid of it and that the fish would lose it quickly. He was wrong.

On June 21st, a group fishing aboard a boat named the "Grey Lion II", on Lake Michigan, north of Chicago (and 80 miles or so from Muskegon)  caught a steelhead (yep) with a ring ziptied to the tail. They caught it - and did NOT release it. The story went viral, Capt. Rose admitted to what he had done and now the Michigan DNR is mad.

According to FoxNews, the DNR's Brian Gunderman, with the Southern Lake Michigan Management Unit says, “It’s one thing to catch a fish. You need to hook a fish to be able to catch him. It’s another thing to inflict extra pain on it before you release him,” Gunderman said. “I like to think that he didn’t think that it was going to harm the fish.”

The moral of the story? Don't get married to somebody who hates fishing.

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