Great news! If you've always wondered if there's buried treasure somewhere below the waters of the Great Lakes, you're on the right path. There's actually a story that came up not long ago about divers who had apparently found Confederacy Gold that was lost in Lake Michigan. It turns out there may be billions of dollars worth of treasure that has been lost to the Great Lakes, and there's actually somewhat of a map that will lead you to it. There's just one catch... It's gonna run you about $700 to $1,000.

Ya, I guess if you plan on making millions of dollars, you can roll the dice and purchase the book below for about a Grand, but that's a really tough risk. Now, if you want to hurry up, there is one copy that is used that is on sale for $190, but after that, the price of becoming a lost treasure Billionaire is gonna go up:

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Treasure ships of the Great Lakes: Your guide to over a billion dollars in gold, silver, jewelry, rare coins, and valuable cargoes aboard treasure ships in the Great Lakes: researched over 5 years at universities, museums, libraries and archives.

Confederacy Gold In Lake Michigan

The History Channel aired an episode earlier this year in the hopes of helping men find lost Civil War treasure in Lake Michigan, but as The Eagle pointed out, there may be no cheese at the end of the tunnel for them:

The current status of the investigation is they are waiting on approval from the state of Michigan to recover what they've found at the bottom of Lake Michigan, but there's reason to believe that someone is trying to deceive the team in regards to the Lake Michigan gold.

If anybody has an update on this possible find let us know. Until then...good hunting.

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