Grand Rapids, Michigan was named 'Grand Rapids' for a reason. That reason being that there were, at one point in time, some grand rapids in the city.

Shocking, I know. You might be thinking to yourself, "Where are the rapids? I've never seen them...". Well, you're not alone. I must admit, I had no idea that the city was named for the fact that there were once rapids. Does that make me a bad Michigander? Perhaps, but let's not focus on that.

Let's focus on the fact that Grand Rapids is getting its groove back, so to speak...

Grand Rapids is Bringing Back the Rapids of its Namesake

TikTok does what it always seems to do, and taught me something.

The section of the Grand River that flows through Grand Rapids drops a total of 18 feet over two miles. It's that drop that created the rapids for which Grand Rapids was originally named. However, in 1904 there was a terrible flood and changes were made to the rapids to turn it into what it is today: a 'flat, urban waterway'. Rocks and boulders were taken out and dams were put in.

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Now, Grand Rapids is making a change to go back to its namesake.

In this TikTok from Waterloop, it explains the project the city is taking on to bring a natural waterway back.

Grand Rapids and the 'River for All' project will spend about $90 million to 're-wild' the river. The project will focus on taking out the dams, putting in rocky features, and bringing back the rapids. Allowing for public access, a better environment, and more.

Learn more about this cool project below.

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