The Goodyear blimp has been a part of football games for almost 65 years. Coming up on October 26th, the Goodyear blimp will provide aerial coverage for TV during the Notre Dame - Michigan game in Ann Arbor. It's a short ride to Ann Arbor from the Goodyear blimp hanger at Wingfoot Lake in Mogadore, Ohio. And if you've ever seen the blimp fly over, either in-person or on TV and wondered, "what's it like inside the gondola on the bottom of that thing?" - good news - later on this month you might be sleeping there.

According to, the Goodyear blimp is America's latest Airbnb. Leading up to the Michigan - Notre Dame game, Goodyear is offering one of their blimp's gondolas as an Airbnb. Starting October 15th you can reserve your stay for one of three nights - October 22, 23 or 24th. It will cost you $150 for one night, but you'll get to tour the hanger, hang out at Wingfoot Lake, sleep in the "cozy gondola of the blimp" and they'll throw in tickets to the game. Only downside, you'll be grounded the whole time, so you'll have to drive up to the game. And you'll be in Ohio.

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