The time has now come to say goodbye to an old friend... The Whiskey Barrel Saloon.

WITL has a long and fun history with the Whiskey Barrel, including many a Wittle Country Christmas Party. In fact, it was a Wittle Country Christmas party where I first saw someone take a ride on Dick the Bull... the dude held on for a commendable 13 seconds before getting bucked off, lol.

It's sad to see the Whiskey Barrel go, but according to the Lansing State Journal, former owner Dave Allen says he thinks that Green Dot Stables "will do well there". Green Dot Stables offers sliders (ranging from a classic cheeseburger to unusual alligator or kangaroo), fries, and craft beer, and all for $2-3. Plus, I think the former Whiskey will be in good hands; Jacques Driscoll, owner of the Green Dot Stables and the guy who bought the Whiskey Barrel, is an MSU graduate.

As for the fate of Dick the Bull... that has yet to be decided. Former owner Dave Allen wants the bull, but his attorneys and insurance company says no. So we'll see... Read more details about the change HERE

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