Since 2000, according to WOOD-TV, if you had tigers (or other large animals with teeth) in your zoo, you were unable to breed them. It was actually illegal to breed large cats. And I don't know whose idea it was to prevent 500 pound tigers from breeding, but a new law allowing breeding of large carnivores in Michigan, just went into effect. I can only think this makes things safer for all of us.

Actually, the reason the ban went into effect in the first place was due to too many private individuals owning large cats and other large carnivores. But an error in the original law prevented even zoos from breeding their animals - forcing zoos to move some of their animals out of state. This new law corrects the problem and regulates and licenses zoo and responsible breeders.

The John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids is excited to start their Amur tiger breeding program. As are the tigers, I'm sure.




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