We used to joke about truancy officers making sure you were going to school, but - in Muskegon County, Michigan, they're sending parents to jail if they fail to make sure their kids are going to school. As part of something they call Operation Graduation, the latest parent to be sentenced is a mom named (I kid you not) Sherry McFail. Sherry just got sentenced to two days in jail after neglecting to enroll her 15 year old son in school (and when he was in school, he missed a lot of days). Then, she failed to show up for a court sentencing. That never ends well.

According to MLive.com, under this program, the trouble starts with nine days of unexcused absences. After that, the school intervenes. If that doesn't work, the case is referred to (ominous music) the prosecutor's office.

According to this story, "Several parents have been jailed" as a result of this program.

Just send the kids to school. It's tough enough out there WITH an education.


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