Michigan's making worldwide science news again - and it involves mushrooms. In fact, Michigan is home to the 2nd largest organism in the world. That living thing would be a 90 acre patch of honey mushrooms (you've seen these things every time you take a walk in the woods) - all connected and growing as one living thing, near the town of Crystal Falls, in the Upper Peninsula. And the Daily Mail out of the UK has gotten wind of it, but they incorrectly identify the town as Crystal Creek, Michigan.

Previously, it was thought this giant mushroom was only 30 acres in size and weighed about 200,000 pounds. According to ScienceAlert.com, researchers went back and remeasured recently and found that it weighs almost 1 million pounds. And instead of being about 1500 years old, they now estimate it to be 2500 years old.

Sadly, our mushroom patch is still #2 on the list of biggest living things. The biggest organism in the world is another patch of connected honey mushrooms in Oregon. That one covers almost 2400 acres.


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